Is it worth investing in ETC?

Is now the time to invest in ETC?

Before we answer, let’s give you a few details about it, details that you will not find anywhere else:

  1. ETC was hacked with 51% attack on it’s chain several times, hackers were able to steal significant amount of coins and sell them in the exchanges. It doesn’t mean it’s not safe for a regular user but this is something to take into account.
  2. Ethereum Classic doesn’t get updates since the fork with ETH, probably that is the reason the hackers were able to attack it.
  3. The price of ETC was about 5-13% of the price of ETH between 2016 and 2019, now (Jan 2021) it’s about 0.7% of the price of ETH! opportunity or risk? what do you think? we only give you the details!
  4. In addition to no.3, there are so many new coins in the market, some with a much better utility than ETC, making it less interesting, especially when it’s little brother ETH is all shine and bright with a massive adoption and a tag price that keeps going up.

Overall, if you ask for our opinion, ETC is definitely worth a buy in early 2021, only because there’s a huge gap in price between it’s little brother ETH so someone might notice it and invest it for quick gains. BUT if you look at the Macro lever, ETH or Bitcoin Pro – BTCP, is a much better investment for a long term, real utility coins with a promising future.